Dailies Total1 90 Pack

At Mylenses, we understand the importance of uncompromised vision, which is why we offer the latest in contact lens innovation with Dailies Total1 contacts. These revolutionary lenses utilize water gradient technology to increase moisture content near the surface of your eye. With a thin wall of moisture always between your eye and the lens, these contacts refresh your eyes to ensure a fit that’s so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Whether you’re looking to correct your vision with easy-to-manage disposables or want to comfortably keep every important detail of life clearly in view, Dailies Total1 contacts help you develop a healthy, moisturized eye routine. Incredibly easy to insert, these lubricious disposables help you start each day with healthy-looking, white eyes.

Offering unparalleled breathability, Mylenses is pleased to carry this cutting-edge brand that provides exceptional comfort that lasts all day long without drying out. Fully customizable to match your prescription parameters, the convenience of Dailies Total1 lenses allow you to maintain a busy lifestyle without having to worry about a replacement schedule.

Dailies Total1 90 Pack

  • Product Details

    • Product Name: Dailies Total1 90 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Alcon (Ciba Vision)
    • Parameters: Base Curve 8.5. Diameter 14.1
    • Packaging: 90 lenses per box